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How To Make Your Airbnb Apartment ‘Business’ Ready

As an Airbnb host you will have various types of guests renting your apartment. Business clients require a slightly adhered set up in order to cater their…well, business-like needs of course. How do you make your Airbnb apartment business ready? There are a number of things you need to ensure.

Location When hosting for corporate travellers, you want your location to be crucial to save travel time and to ensure both a comfortable and suitable stay. An example of this is having an apartment in the city which is close to public transport such as train stations. This is essential especially if your guests travel to central London for work.

Friendly welcome All Airbnb guests, whether they are business or not, would like to be greeted and welcomed into their new apartment. Take time to introduce yourself and your apartment to your guest and ensure they are familiar and comfortable with both the layout and setting of everything that they will be needing for duration of their stay.

Significant amenities You need to establish what it is about your Airbnb apartment that will draw guests in and be chosen over hotel rooms. This consists of a clean and comfortable living and sleeping area, the right amenities and ensuring as much can be provided as possible, in order to provide your guest with the least stressful experience. Airlinen provides Airbnb hosts with premium quality linen hire, professional cleaning services which eliminates the hassle of cleaning for your guest and luxury toiletries to save them room for other necessities. You may also want to provide your business guest with the following: - Free WiFi - Coffeemaker - Extension cord - Work desk with a comfortable chair for a defined workspace - Desk lamp

And lastly a nice bottle of wine to end their busy day/week with won’t go unnoticed, which might go a little like this

….or like this, depending on how many targets they were able to meet that week

Colours/Layout Select neutral colours for your walls and furnishings such as beige or cream. This ensures that your decor appeals to a vast number of people and doesn’t come across as ‘too much’. You want to create a space of serenity for your working guest to be comfortable in but also to get work done therefore atmosphere and surroundings are key. Perhaps some candles or incense sticks may help the setting of the mood too.

Beck and call A good Airbnb host will provide their guest with appropriate contact details for day and evening help and enquiries. But remember not to take ‘beck and call’ too literally and continue living your life as normal until you’re needed!

Protection Although Airbnb does provide you with host protection insurance, you should also be aware of your own property insurance. Research what you can be insured for incase anything goes wrong. Anybody can have a wild night and throw a T.V. out of the window….even in a suit!

Visit for high quality bed linen rental, professional Airbnb cleaning services and luxury toiletries replenishment, to leave your business guests - business happy!


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